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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help many people to create a successful online business, no matter where they are starting from or what products they are selling.

About Steve 

Steve came from a humble family in Taiwan and immigrated to the USA at the age of 8 years old.  From early childhood, he was always very active in sports and loved to embark on new adventures.  He enjoyed many types of challenges and found his passion in helping others to achieve their goals.  

Steve's professional career started at the University of California, San Diego.

There, he and his schoolmates coordinated, designed, and built a manned human power submarine.  After graduating from college, Steve worked at DuPont Aerospace and was part of the design team that built the DP-2 prototype aircraft, which was a Vertical and Short Take-Off and Landing (VSTOL).   Following DuPont Aerospace, Steve worked with Sony to help them create the Z100 smallest digital mobile phone.  Thereafter, Steve worked with the design team at Motorola to help design innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

However, after being laid-off 3 times, Steve decided to become an Entrepreneur.  He soon launched his own business enterprises, which ranged from an adventure travel company to technology integration for credit card companies.  In the end, Steve ended up with a 6-figure credit card debt and lots of experience in entrepreneurship!  

Realizing there's got to be a better way, Steve was subsequently able to establish a viable global business with his coaching and online marketing skills.  His business became hugely successful, spanning 12 countries during 2008, a time known as the worst economic crash in the USA since The Great Depression.  Since then, Steve and Sherry have been able to help 6 people become millionaires, 50 people make 6-figure incomes, and 200 people find full-time work with better income and more freedom.  Their next goal is to work with 100 people become millionaires.

As a humanitarian, Steve has always helped others and believes in making a big difference in this world.  Thus, Steve's organization currently feeds over 210,000 meals to starving children every year.  Most of all, Steve believes work can be fun if you choose.  

About Sherry

Sherry was born into a humble family in Taiwan and had 6 brothers and sisters.  She came to the USA alone with $500 in her pocket and didn't speak any English at all.  Her first home in the USA was a small apartment for employees, provided by a restaurant owner for whom she worked.   It was there that she decided to study and work at the same time, so as to pursue her dreams.  


Over the next few years, Sherry worked very hard.  Eventually, she was able to borrow money to open 3 beauty spas in Los Angeles.  Six years later, she was living in a million dollar home.

Sherry enjoyed her successful career as an entrepreneur.  However, she felt sad that even though she worked so hard, she still didn't have enough time to spend with her loved ones and her family.   She decided she wanted a better life with more freedom.   

The coaching business has totally fulfilled Sherry's dreams.  She now travels around the world with her loved ones.  She has free time and financial freedom.  She has made countless dear friends along the way.   She considers herself to be lucky and is extremely grateful for the opportunities she has been able to create.   


Sherry wants to give back to the world by helping others who also have the dream and drive to reach their goals.  She believes she can help others to also have free time and financial freedom by coaching them in the areas of online marketing and online sales.  She also loves to help others become 7-Figure coaches, so they can teach more people to fulfill their dreams!

Sherry's online marketing system is so simple.  It doesn't require any technical or sales skills.  As long you know how to use the phone or click a computer, you can create it within weeks.   Then, you are able to start a viable online business!  The only thing required is the dream and drive to make it happen!

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